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Welcome to the CountyCare Provider Portal

Claim review submission now available through the provider portal. Click here for the Provider Claim Review User Guide. The Provider Claim Review Form is available here.

The CountyCare Health Plan provider portal is designed to give you real-time access to valuable information about your CountyCare patients and may eliminate the need to call Provider Services. Please visit our provider portal for the following:

  • Check Member Eligibility
  • Claims Status Search
  • View EOP and payment details
  • Check Prior Authorization Requirements by CPT Code
  • Submit Prior Authorization Requests
  • View Prior Authorization Status

New Authorization Portal Resources

Portal access is available for contracted providers only.

Login to the Provider Portal

For New Users

You can self-register for the CountyCare Provider Portal using your practice Tax ID Number (TIN). Click “Login to the Provider Portal” above then "Don’t have a Provider Account? Register here."

NOTE: Access to online authorizations is not immediate, you will receive email when your access has been granted to view and submit electronic authorizations.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact CountyCare Provider Services at or your Provider Relations Representative