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Provider Notices

Providers in the CountyCare network can access notifications, Town Hall presentations and other notices specific to providers here. Click on any of the PDFs below to view and download.


New policy and procedure billing changes for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver providers - September 2020 [PDF]
DCFS YouthCare Program Update - September 1, 2020 [PDF]
New False Claims Act and Whistleblower Protection Policy - August 2020 [PDF]
Final Reminder - Authorization Reinstatement as of 9/1/20 - August 25, 2020 [PDF]
COVID-19 Prior Auth Temporary Changes - August 11, 2020 [PDF]
Change to Ordering, Referring, and Prescribing (ORP) Policy, Effective 8/1/2020 - July 2020 [PDF]
Brighter Beginnings - Blood Pressure (BP) - July 2020 [PDF]
ACTION REQUIRED: Your IAMHP Roster is Needed or Your Claims may be Denied - July 2020 [PDF]
COVID-19 Prior Auth Provider Notice - July 2020 [PDF]
New Provider Phone Number for First Transit - May 2020 [PDF]
CountyCare Stands Ready to Support our Members, Provider Partners, and the Community During this Time of Unrest - June 5 2020 [PDF]
COVID-19 Prior Auth Temporary Changes - Updates June 2020 [PDF]
Important Utilization Management Updates - June 2020 [PDF]
COVID-19 Hospital Administrative Day Policy - May 2020 [PDF]
Prior Auth for Oncology - 2020 [PDF]
Urine Drug Testing UM Update - 2020 [PDF]
Universal Provider Roster - April 2020 [PDF]
COVID-19 Prior Auth Temporary Changes - April 2020 [PDF]
Billing Update related to Mobile Crisis Response - March 2020 [PDF]
Network Criteria for Selected Surgical Procedures - February 2020 [PDF]
Special Needs Children (SNC) Program Updates - February 2020 [PDF]
IMPACT Provider Letter - December 23, 2019 [PDF]
Important Update: Ordering, Referring, Prescribing (ORP) - January, 2020 [PDF]
Nursing Facility Provider Notice - January 2, 2020 [PDF]
Important Update: Ordering, Referring, Prescribing (ORP) National Provider Identifier (NPI) Requirements - December 2019 [PDF]
Vision Providers Continuity of Care Extension - December 2019 [PDF]
Mobile Crisis Response Providers [PDF]
PROVIDER POLICY UPDATE NOTICE: Updates to Prior Authorization Requirements - Hospice Services [PDF]
2019 Annual Provider Notice [PDF]
Pharmacy Updates: Prescribing Provider [PDF]
Pharmacy Updates [PDF]
Corrected Claims, Claim Review, Provider Disputes, and Medical Necessity Appeals [PDF]
Provider Notice Stroger Hospital [PDF]
Provider Notice Dental & Vision Coverage Change 2019 [PDF]
Important Update related to HCBS Waiver Billing, September 2019
Utilization Management Services – Cardiology/Oncology Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
New Utilization Management/Quality Program for Oncology Services [PDF]
New Utilization Management/Quality Program For Cardiology Services [PDF]
MLTSS Claim Processing Hold [PDF]
Authorization Portal Enhancement Effective 7/1/2019 [PDF]
Provider Relations Team Notice May 2019 [PDF]
2018 Annual Notice for CountyCare Providers [PDF]
Pharmacy Notice: MedImpact Direct Specialty Update [PDF]
Provider Account Inactivity [PDF]
Important Update to LTC and SLF Prior Authorizations - May 2019 [PDF]
Pharmacy Notice MedImpact Direct Specialty - April 12, 2019 [PDF]
CountyCare Primary Care Provider Policy Update - April 9, 2019 [PDF]
CountyCare Has New Dedicated Fax Line for All Reports of Critical Incidents April 1, 2019 [PDF]
Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Change March 2019 [PDF]
Transportation Card Distribution Changes March 2019 [PDF]
Bariatric Provider Notice March 2019 [PDF]
UPDATE: Hand Price Code Reimbursement Methodology February 2019 [PDF]
Provider Notice: Important Utilization Management Updates December 2018 [PDF]
Care Plans Now Available in the Provider Portal December 2018 [PDF]
Provider Notice - New Authorization Portal Upgrade Effective 10/8/18 - September 2018 [PDF]
Mailroom Notice: New Mailing Addresses - July 2018 [PDF]
Adoption of the Universal Provider Roster Template July 2018 [PDF]
HCBS Provider Notice: Provider – Care Coordination Communication [PDF]
Waiver Provider Billing Update Notice May 2018 [PDF]
Provider Portal Training Sessions April 20, 2018 [PDF]
Provider Portal Upgrade Notice April 2018 [PDF]
New Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Rremittance Advice (ERA) 4/8/2018 [PDF]
New Prior Authorization Forms 2/5/2018 [PDF]
Nursing Facility Provider Notice January 2018 [PDF]
HCBS Provider Notice: Authorization Changes for Waiver Services [PDF]
CountyCare Provider SMART Notice December 2017 [PDF]
CountyCare Cigna Member Transition Notice 8/1/2017 [PDF]
CountyCare Care Coordination Referrals 6/19/2017 [PDF]
CountyCare Prior Authorization Updates Notice 4/1/2017 [PDF]
CountyCare BH Service Notice 12/29/2016 [PDF]
CountyCare Behavioral Health FAQs 11/29/2016 [PDF]
CountyCare Direct Credentialing Notice 10/14/2016 [PDF]
CountyCare BH OON Provider Notice 9/30/2016 [PDF]
CountyCare Advocate Health Systems Notice August 2016 [PDF]
CountyCare Provider Credentialing Notice 8/18/2016 [PDF]
Provider Delegated Credentialing Notice 8/18/2016 [PDF]
CountyCare CABG Oncology Provider Notice 8/16/2016 [PDF]
Provider Appeal Instructions for dates of services prior to 4/1/16 [PDF]