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Coronavirus Information For Members and For Providers

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

CountyCare’s COVID-19 Response, Telehealth Policies to Allow for Social Distancing, Pharmacy/Prescription Updates, COVID-19 Prior Authorization—Temporary Changes, COVID-19 Resources for Patients, Billing Update Related to Mobile Crisis Response, Universal Provider Roster, Annual Provider Trainings, Lead Hazard Reduction Home Improvement Program

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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Open Enrollment, New CMS Regulation, Prescribing (ORP) Providers, Save Time on the Provider Portal, Helping Patients with REDE, New Dental & Vision Partner, Balance Billing, Pay for Performance, Provider Roster, Provider Annual Notice

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Spring 2019 Newsletter

Pay for Performance, New Pharmacy Benefit Manager - MedImpact, Primary Care Provider Engagement, Referrals for Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgical Services, Unnecessary Durable Medical Equipment, CTA / Metra Card Program, REDE Reminders, Self Service Provider Portal, Member Rewards Program, Quality of Care Referrals

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Members Transition to CountyCare, HEDIS Helps in Curbing Childhood Obesity Role, STDs - What You Need to Know Now, Medicaid Homes Recognized, ICAAP Events

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Open Enrollment is Here, Getting REDE Results, Free LASIK for Qualifying Members, Free Diaper Program Enhances Compliance, Provider Portal Upgrade, New Mailroom Addresses, Member - Provider Communication

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

HEDIS Supplemental Data Collection, Provider Relations Representatives, Free Electronic Funds Transfer, Joining Our Network, Updating Your Information, Provider Portal, Training House Calls, Reminders

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